10 of the Best WordPress Band Themes

An awesome collection of WordPress themes for bands and DJs.  These themes are also perfect if you have a nightclub or any other kid of music venue for that matter.  These are idead WordPress themes for anyone who loves music, from a rock band, hip hop act, other musicians, producers, DJs, record labels or even websites for music festivals and events.  Everyone from a wedding DJ to a symphony orchestra can find a perfect music theme in this collection.  These themes have all the incredibly cool modern design and fresh layouts the will keep your readers excited to come back for more.  These themes have loads of features to make posting a breeze, whether you want to post music clips, music videos, MP3s or more.  They’ll look great even on mobile devices too and each one has a load of SEO features to make it easier than ever to get noticed and build your audience!

Berliner WordPress Music Theme

berliner wordpress music theme

Berliner is fully responsive and based on the powerful Bootstrap framework.  Release your tracks with the most sophisticated custom audio implementation in a WordPress theme. Soundcloud supported!  Around the world? Show your tour schedule on a Google map and share details for each gig.  Show Artists, Discography, Albums, Videos, Photo Galleries, Important Items and Events. A plethora of content awaits.

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Popular music allows for a soundtrack for life; publish yours along with your offerings with Music State, the best WP music theme for all of us with an interest for pop music and even a respect for rock music. Regardless of whether you create or savor music, this premium quality WordPress blog template is the very best venue for a community-focused music site!Demo | Purchase


eprom WordPress musical theme

The Rascals Labs EPROM WordPress theme is an ultimate, no compromise and ready to use WP template, suitable for widely understood music industry. Whoever you are – DJ, music producer, events producer or you just love the music – EPROM theme is exactly what you need!

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WordPress band themes

This musical style WordPress theme was built with an artist or event website in mind. It comes with a lot of features and a bunch of specific pages like artist, albums, locations, events and more.

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Night Music

Night WordPress Music Theme – Foxhound Band Themes

This drop-dead gorgeous dark theme was crafted for producers and DJs although it’d likely fit the bill for club owners too.  We’ve worked really hard to combine ease of customization without sacrificing beauty. For the first time ever, we’ve built in a hex color selector for you to pinpoint your exact main and accent colours. Because of the advancements in web standards we can finally give you the control you want while still making a theme with tons of style and personality.

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Flycase WordPress Theme For Musicians Bands and DJs

Flycase is a professional and easy-to-use Music WordPress Theme. It is highly and easily customizable, ready for all devices, simple to set up and e-commerce ready.
A Theme dedicated to Music Lovers. Whether you are a profesional or not, your theme includes all features you need for your band or label, to present, promote and sell your work online.
Of course, your theme can be used for any purpose as well!

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Rock Wall

RockWall--Music-Theme for band indie gigs

WordPress music theme designed for musicians, bands, artist, bloggers and
the entertainment industry.  This WordPress theme is a perfect solution while building news and music websites. The theme is to rock, share and deliver the latest information from from the music world.Isn’t it true that a sophisticated and amazingly designed WordPress website is a key to success and the Net that is the fastest way to convey a message? If so, use our latest theme with its severe and modern tiles design!

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IronBand is the perfect WordPress theme for bands, musicians and DJs. Everything is in the details. The design is unique and comes with layered PSD. The theme includes all major features: Events & Gigs, HTML5 audio Player, YouTube Videos, News, Discography, Photos and Biography and even a Booking section. Everything’s there.

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Tuned Balloon


Tuned Balloon is an easy to use theme with flexible layout that looks great on any device, big or small. Tuned Balloon theme uses basic, core WordPress options (pages,post,categories) to create site that is easy to use for very beginners, but also for advance users. There is no option panel with many settings in it, all available theme adjustments are available inside WordPress “Theme Customizer” that allows site admins to tweak a theme’s settings and see a preview of those changes in a real time.

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Rock Band


Aside from that the theme has a huge amount of features. We are really proud of this one as it contains our new framework which we’ll be using in all our themes from here on out. The framework unifies theme options and post options in a single visual format, making the theme a breeze to use.

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IndieFest-Band-Theme-WordPress music theme

This big epic visual band theme was designed for indie rockers, folk artists, grassroots pop stars, and outdoor music festivals. It’s cheerful, ominous, moody, epic, laid back, summery — whatever you need it to be.  It’s big, bold and takes customization to a new level. You’ll have the choice of 8 crazy backgrounds, 17 main colours and 15 accent colours which can all be mixed and matched. We wanted you to be able to match the brand of your band perfectly with the theme.

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The DJ

The DJ WordPress music gig band theme DJs

Ideal for: DJ WordPress Theme, Modern Music Theme, Retro Lounge or Bar, Nightclubs, Musicians, DJs, Online Radio Stations

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mercury WordPress musician band dj web template

Mercury is a dark, dimensional, retro WordPress music theme that turns your website into a showcase.  Ideal for: Lounges, Nightclubs, Musicians, DJs, Online Radio Stations

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kboom WordPress music theme

K-BOOM is one of the powerful Music & Events WordPress Theme, it is meant to serve for Music Projects, Events, Portfolio or just for Blogging. It is a theme with ultra responsive layout adapting perfectly and allowing you to visit it from any devices you want. Being created with user experience in mind our customers will be more happy and with few click’s your theme is installed.

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sahifa-WordPress-theme-dj-music bands

Has some great features, like the built in rating system, Soundcloud support, tons of page templates and a load of widgets too.  Plenty of tools for building an amazing DJ website.

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This responsive WordPress theme design is a smooth and fun, completely responsive template that merges a lot of fun and professionalism into one splendid package. Ideal for anything music related, a band or DJ page, maybe a new music app.  Anything music related is going to look great with this theme installed.  And since it’s from CSSIgniter, the support you get is outstanding.  You can use this theme with confidence.

Stereo Squared

stereo squared WordPress dj music mobile theme

Soundcloud integration Let your audience listen to your upcoming hits with our SoundCloud integration. Tour Schedule Around the world? Show your tour schedule on a Google map and share details for each gig. 6 color schemes StereoSquared comes with 6 different color schemes.



Soundcloud integration Let your audience listen to your upcoming hits with our SoundCloud integration. Tour Schedule Around the world? Show your tour schedule on a Google map and share details for each gig. 3 Widgetized areas Combine these areas with our 5 custom widgets to keep you socializing and getting the word out about your newest album or gig.



Lotus is a powerful and flexible theme that comes with very rich tools and options to make creating website as simple as possible. For example one of its tools is Smart Page Builder. In short, this is an awesome drag & drop page building tool. By this tool you can create any page (for example home page) layout with very rich collection of web elements in a minute without writing html or touching even one line of code. In other words, you can quickly design unlimited unique looking pages in simple drag & drop visually.

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Gonzo-WordPress theme for musicians band djs

Whether you want to give your dusty old blog a new coat of paint or are drowning in a sea of posts and categories, Gonzo is here to your rescue.  Simplify and present your content in a way that is accessible, logical and beautiful.  Gonzo is built with semantic HTML5/CSS3 and is completely responsive. Not only is it responsive but it also keeps that magazine feel right down to mobile screen sizes. Practically every typographic element has been endlessly tweaked for different screen sizes to make sure it looks great no matter what the device.  Easy to use review system with support for both stars and percentage ratings. You also have the option of placing the review at the top or bottom of the post.  On top of that, the reviews and other posts share the same taxonomy (category system). You can mix the reviews in with your other content or separate them; that’s your call.

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disco premium WordPress music theme

If you own major/indie recording companies or if you are a music producer, director or event organizer, this premium WordPress eCommerce themes will serve you well as an online publication. Not only promote your musics creation, but also help you to promote your site indeed. If you are a musician, singer, DJ, or graphic designer fond of designing music artwork, you can even stretch it into an online portfolio. If you are a music products affiliate or a retailer in the industry, it would be perfect for your online business too. No need to think too long about Disco. Get closer to Disco WordPress eCommerce Themes now, and get the musics along with Disco.

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