10 of the Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes

Hardy flat and Responsive personal blog WordPress Theme

Hardy is an attractive little blog, perfect for letting everybody know what’s going on in your life, your business or your hobby.  You’ll like this personal blog themes.   This clear and simple and supreme portfolio WordPress theme is full of among the very best features that make it simple and fun to build a portfolio new WP site fast!  ThemeTrust has some of the very best WordPress blog themes on the market.  WordPress minimalist templates from ThemeTrust are really great.

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breeze WordPress minimalist bootstrap theme personal blog

Breeze offers very good aesthetic style and also smashing support. Breeze is going to straightforwardly let you connect with all your loyal viewers everywhere they are. Breeze is a great looking, extraordinarily theme for WordPress and Breeze is going to help to make your blogging experience as simple and seamless as it can be. Brilliant!  You’ll love this simple WordPress blog themes.   This minimalist WP theme really raises the bar.

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Weh Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

weh personal blogging theme

Weh is slick WordPress blogging theme from Themes Awesome, a theme provider that really lives up to their name. Weh is simple, it’s gorgeous and it’s well built for beginners or WordPress experts alike.  Use it as a magazine.  Use it as a blog.  Weh works well any way you slice it.  News websites, personal blogs, journals, writing sites and other related projects, with an emphasis on mixed media and professional level Typography. Easy to customize, easy to read.  That’s Weh and that’s minimalist WordPress goodness.

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collections personal blog theme WordPress

Collections has wonderful artistic layout as well as terrific support. Breeze may simply help you to reach out to all of your devoted audience regardless of where they are. Collections is a good looking, beautifully blogging platform and Breeze was created to help to make your blog time as easy and picture perfect as is possible. Amazing!  You’ll love this best WordPress blog.  This minimalist magazine theme will really give you what you need.

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Mary Poppins

personal blogging theme

Mary Poppins offers amazing graphic structure and also wonderful support. Breeze could conveniently give you the ability to reach out to all of ones dedicated traffic where ever they are. Mary Poppins is an effective looking, fantastically blogging platform and Breeze is built to make your blogging and site-building time as simple and picture perfect as possible. Fantastic!  You’ll like this best WordPress blog themes.  Mary Poppins could be one of the best WordPress blog themes around, if you need a feminine looking site.

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WordPress theme parallax scroll

Proxy features fantastic graphic style and design and smashing guidance. Breeze will probably straightforwardly help you connect to all of your current dependable traffic where ever they are. Proxy is a great looking, exceedingly WordPress theme and Breeze is made to help to make your blogging and site-building time as effortless and sleek as possible. Amazing!  You’ll truly appreciate this simple WordPress blog themes.   WordPress personal blog themes can be a great solution if you actually need a personal WordPress blog theme.  That makes sense.

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personal wordpress blogging theme

Electra could be a perfect personal blog for your nest website, but it might be just as good as a creative agency blog, a design studio site or even a business webpage.  Electra is that flexible.  Electra owns exceptional graphic design and also exceptional guidance. You’ll really appreciate this best WordPress blog themes. Breeze is going to conveniently help you to connect with all ones committed visitors everywhere they may be. Electra is a great looking, beautifully responsive WP theme and Breeze will help to make your weblog experience as quick and sleek as it can be. Awesome!  Keep the best WordPress blog themes coming Tesla Themes!  We have reason to believe they will keep providing the finest in WordPress personal blog themes.Demo | Purchase



If a personal style blog theme is what you’re after, Revoke can help.  It’s more than just a blog theme though, since Revoke is incredibly flexible.  You’ll enjoy the heck out of this personal WordPress theme.  Revoke provides wonderful visual design as well as awesome guidance. Breeze may quickly let you connect with all your loyal visitors anywhere they are. Revoke is a fantastic looking, exceedingly blogging platform and Breeze is made to make your weblog as quick and smooth as possible. Fabulous!  Revoke really is one of the best WordPress blog themes out there.Demo | Purchase

clarity minimalist WordPress theme

You’ll truly love this personal blog themes.  Clarity is a personal blog theme with a lot to offer.  It’s sparkling and contemporary premium quality single page theme for WP. Stuffing various remarkable forms of lay-out to boldly present your subject material. Clarity was created to last, suited to a portfolio, personal website or possibly a small business web site. A perfect personal blog theme can really help you connect to your readers.  I adore WordPress one page themes with one click demo data import and this is one of those. One click goodness!Demo | Purchase


blogo fun blog theme for women

You’ll love this simple WordPress blog themes. Evo’s frequently impressed by ThemeForest’s themes. Blogo is not an exception to this rule. Blogo is super-fun, retro and it’s the ideal blog theme for personal websites that don’t take themselves too seriously.  Blogo is a commercial company theme, multi-purpose but the parallax portfolio option means Blogo is most likely right for showing off a portfolio. It’s strong and elegant animations will very well frame your portfolio of work clearly, guaranteeing folks are really mesmerized by your site’s images. Blogo, like usual, features a considerable amount of theme options in their built in theme options panel and their a variety of blog post style templates.Demo | Purchase


wordpress writers blog theme

Lucid is a clean and fantastically well appointed.  It’s a simple and minimalistic responsive blogging or personal WordPress theme that really puts the focus on your content and on user experience.  You’ll love this personal WordPress themes.  This almost unbelievably easy and capable template is stocked with second to none tools and features that make it effortless to construct a portfolio WordPress site rapidly!

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one page WordPress theme

You’ll love this best WordPress blog. Parallax has never looked so cool.  That’s Vernum.  Display almost any work or popular services with a terrific responsive single page website. Viewing your content and ideas with amazing parallax sections is neat and is an eye catching feature everyone can approve of.  This theme is guaranteed to be a A1 parallax style one page theme for creative businesses and agencies who would like to show their latest projects in a very impressive format. It will gobsmack readers with its smooth and seamless movement and transitions that make everything feel incredibly natural. The amazing, parallax portfolio section is actually well-done and is customized in a jiffy using simply a couple or three mouse clicks.  Get with the parallax revolution and start a personal WordPress theme site today!  We have reason to believe they will keep providing the finest in WordPress personal blog themes.

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logger wordpress blog theme

Logger is a brand new creative Flat Personal Blog and/or Magazine WordPress Theme, an ideal pick for professionals bloggers and business who need a personal, niche, corporate, and marketing or magazine blog. Logger is super-customizable so it can match your personal taste and be quickly converted into a multi-purpose theme too.  That’s power baby!  Logger provides many features like: Sticky post, Social share in each post, many post formats such as Video, Audio, Soundcloud, audio , Gallery as grid or slider or column, Quote, and much more.

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WordPress personal blog themes

Masonry has never looked better and that makes this one of the best WordPress blog themes on the market. You’ll truly love this personal blog themes.   Blogdrops is a gentle looking grid layout WordPress theme that’s cool, fresh and also ready to display the best of your photographs! Suitable for innovative design portfolios, advertising agencies and a lot more. Perhaps a photography company specializing in weddings seeking a cutting edge theme to get a brand new look? Graph Paper Press has ensured that the design is absolutely neatly designed and also, this WordPress template is eCommerce ready, with their totally free “Sell Media” plugin.  It’s so simple, it’s deceptively powerful.   Blogdrops is web ready too, it will appear terrific on every device.  We really love the design of this WordPress blog theme.

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Paul Black

paul black personal wordpress theme

PaulBlack is a great new Personal Blog Responsive WordPress Theme, fresh for 2015 with many features: simple and powerful Visual Composer to create your pages and posts, on-click Theme Options, Responsive design and much more. It contains different post templates so you may present them in any way you want. It also supports many different post types. Theme is easy to build and use. It is also SEO friendly.

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craft clean and modern style portfolio theme

WordPress personal blog themes need to have a little attitude.  You’ll enjoy the heck out of this best WordPress themes for blogs.  Say hello to my little friend, Craft.  Craft is a straightforward, clear, and appealing portfolio theme that changes to any kind of screen image resolution. It really is one of the best ThemeTrust templates. Set full screen back-ground illustrations or photos to quite easily provide each photo, post, or page it’s very own special persona. Very easily change an assortment of photographs right into a slideshow. Rapidly rearrange features of the theme with an integrated features panel. Choose and post the site logo graphic. Craft is natural, craft is good.  Not everybody does it, but everybody should.  Each ThemeTrust theme you invest in is sold with life time assistance.  You’re going to love this personal WordPress theme.

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WordPress Themes For Creatives

Klaus is one of those WordPress personal blog themes that have a little funk in their game.  You’ll love this personal blog themes.  Klaus is a Bootstrap 3.0 built theme that’s ready for your personal blogging content and more.  Klaus is a simple, clean, and tasteful portfolio theme that configures to virtually any screen resolution. It really is among the finest themes. Efficiently turn a collection of images into a slideshow. So it’s safe to say Klaus would make for a good portfolio site too.  Swiftly transform areas of the theme’s design with a built-in options panel. Select and include a site logo image. This impressive style is cool, hip and smart. That is smart. Klaus is an easy way to present all of your hard work. Klaus is a superb and well crafted design, filled with a substantial volume of awesome functions along with add-ons to make the style look and react exactly the style you wish it to.  If you need a WordPress blog theme, give this one a spin.

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Personal Blog WordPress Theme

With great responsiveness comes great WordPress.  And some of the best blog themes, like Booklet, are completely rebuilding what a blog is all about.  They’ve re-thought what it is to browse a website. Booklet was built from ground up, from the code level, to give the best reading experience possible on all devices.  That’s responsiveness.  Booklet is a stunning, image-centric WordPress personal blog theme. You’ll enjoy the heck out of this personal blog themes.  This totally easy and mighty theme is utterly filled with definitely perfect qualities that make it quick and painless to produce a portfolio brand new website very quickly!

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wintersong minimalist WordPress theme

There’s nothing between your readers and your content.  The best blog themes, like Wintersong and StudioPress, are completely re-imagining personal blog themes.  They’ve removed everything that doesn’t matter, and let us with a stiking, stunning personal blogging theme that’s minimalist, sleek and fast.  Your audience will love this them. Visually, it’s appealing.  The typography jumps off the page.  With great content, your readers will be absolutely blown away.  This is one of the best WordPress blog themes we’ve seen so far.

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personal blog theme for wordpress

The best blog themes help you tell a story.  Do you have a great story to tell?  Everybody does, even if they’re on a journey of discovery to find that amazing tale, that point of view or that voice that will help them express their thoughts, feelings and goals.  With Publisher, you can easily share your stories, points of view, ideas, concepts and wild tales with ease.  This personal blog page is simple, but feature rich enough to make you happy with the end result.

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WordPress personal blog theme

Envelope is a premium WordPress personal blogging theme, that provides you the tools and functionality to craft a wonderful, personal blog page in half the time of some other themes.  Envelope is all about writing, no matter who you’re writing for or what the subject matter is.   Envelope was specifically made to act as a powerful platform for anyone in a creative field, like designers, artists, creative thinkers and most particularly, writers.

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We’ve come to the end of the road for this collection of WordPress personal blog themes.  But we update this collection often!  So if you need to find a great WordPress theme for writers, a WordPress blog theme for any kind of publication really…bookmark us and check back often!  If you didn’t see anything you liked, maybe try these popular categories.  Now that it’s officially 2015, we can start really showing you some new stuff.

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