Best WordPress Landing Page Themes

If you want to make a big impact on the folks who visit your site, there may be a variety of reasons you’d like to use a WordPress landing page theme.   Landing page themes help you capture leads, make a great first impression on your potential clients and they just look cool.  Whatever the reason you may want a landing page, we’ve gathered up some great ones in this collection.  This collection is some of the most popular landing-page themes for 2016.  We hope you enjoy and if we’ve missed a good one, let us know.


fusion wordpress theme landing page

Fusion is a landing page and app sales theme for WordPress, with clean typography, effective use of white space and it has a sleek and modern design, allowing you to highlight the features of your application or other software development.  There are a lot of app landing pages, crafted by some of the very best authors out there and any design company or advertising agency will benefit from the amazing design.  Fusion was handcrafted with a lot of attention to detail with clean typography, has a powerful and simple to use shortcode builder, which allows you to rapidly customize your website’s features.  Fusion is easily customized with over 200 theme options, unlimited color options and the integration of 500+ google fonts.  That’s a wide variety of options that are at your fingertips.

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Intra is a seriously versatile landing page WP theme for WordPress. Its responsive and attractive, minimal aesthetic was created to help to really know what your traffic stop should be. This unambiguous and easy and reliable WordPress theme has an abundance of great advantages and accessories which make it simple to put together a WordPress blog web site rapidly!Demo | Purchase

App Pro


App Pro Theme is designed mainly to be a landing page template for application or software developers, but it’s responsive and flexible enough to be used as an awesome creative portfolio. Cool!  App Pro has a feature that really sets it apart, a uniquely designed horizontal interface.  Overall, this is a very wall designed landing page theme with portfolio, product pages, blog and unlimited color choices.

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launch wordpress app landing page theme bootstrap

Launch is  a responsive wordpress theme with a lot of functionality.   Use it as a landing page, a one page theme for a blog or business.  Use it to hype your new killer app.  You name it, this premium theme is ready to serve you well.  Blogging is easy to do with just about any wordpress theme, but launch is really well designed for the tech industry, whether i’s for blogging or as a portfolio for new products.  Or old ones I guess, why not?  Launch is responsive, it’s flexible with a professional design.  The theme has been thoroughly optimized for search engines and it is built on an advanced framework with enough theme options that will make getting up to speed easy enough for beginners.  Also, the theme includes the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in, that gives you the ability to make really slick, advanced looking site designs with just a few clicks.  That saves time, which allows you to create more fantastic content.

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devine womens landing page theme

Devine is a completely fresh and brand new Responsive Landing page WordPress theme that has an elegant style.  Ladies will love Devine.  Why you ask?  Well, Devine is fresh, it’s modern.  Devine has incredibly user friendly features that will make your website stand out from the crowd.  Plus, as an added bonus, Devine is very user friendly!  Creating fully functional pages that look amazing takes just a few moments.  If you decide you want Devine as more than a one page landing page theme, select the standard multi-page layout option.

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My Countdown

MyCountdown WordPress theme

Get it while it’s hot!  This will not shock you, but My Countdown is best suited as a landing page, a coming soon website, an under construction landing page or an event website.  Basically anything where you’re not quite ready to allow your visitors a look at what’s behind the curtain.  It’s okay to make them wait.  Like Willy Wonka said, The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last. .  Use MyCountdown to grab your visitors attention and their contact information for that matter, and announce your upcoming reveal in a very cool manner.

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Petrichor is am amazing little responsive landing page theme, packing six customized header backgrounds (plus the option to upload your own) along with four separate header types, like sliders and video.  You know how much we love flexibility, right?  Nine pre-made color schemes, with a handy-dandy color picker.  It goes on!  MailChimp and AWeber support with over 30+ theme options, an Ajax contact form, and so much more I could go on for days.  And days.  As a landing page, this theme could do just about anything you ask of it.

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kodax WordPress app landing page theme

This one, called Kodax, is a spotless and modern portfolio style WordPress theme, absolutely perfect for a simple gallery or a clean personal blog.  Kodax can get that done and more.  The navigation is fun and easy and it’s got a good number of other great features, the cat’s pajamas for any kind of business, no matter what it is.  Aw yeah, that’s Kodax as a landing page.

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best parallax themes

Hybrid is a lovely, responsive and razor sharp one page landing page theme designed for performance, and to capture your readers contact info, or help funnel them to a big sale.  Some of Hybrid’s features include: hybrid images technology for cheetah speed loading of high-res images (the same technology used by Google Images, so you know that’s pretty good), HTML5 3D animations, a flexible header, intelligent and context-aware positioning of elements such as dropdown menus, advanced Google Analytics integration.  That’s handy.  Also, you can use Custom Events to record visitor statistics for each section of the landing page.  Wow!  With an enhanced visual editor, piece-of-cake font settings,  thousands of icons to choose from, useful, powerful and smart short-codes and a lot more, Hybrid is a powerhouse of a landing page.  Simply put, Hybrid is the best theme I’ve ever seen at tracking useful information for your landing page.

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xy WordPress theme

XY is a gorgeous premium WordPress landing page theme that is adaptable enough to suit just about any use, business or industry. That’s why it made this list. Flexibility.  XY is great for businesses of any size, freelancers too.  If you develop apps, it’s great for a squeeze page too.  offering services?  Use XY as a powerful landing page to get your traffic moving in the direction you want them to.  Make a great first impression!

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one page WordPress theme
Ah, Vernum.  Welcome to the collection.  This is a parallax theme that could be ideal as a landing page too.  Display all sorts of goods or services with a perfect fluid layout parallax scrolling website. Displaying work with parallax sections is great and a design feature your readers can love.  This theme is a perfect onepage parallax portfolio theme for all sorts of folks who would like to show off their work in a great new way. It is bound to stagger you with its smooth animated sequences and transitions that make your website look completely natural. The snazzy looking portfolio page is totally structurally sound and is customozed with ease using only a couple or three mouse clicks.  Vernum is a parallax landing page theme that’s guaranteed to please.

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