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Sometimes, all you need is an incredibly simple WordPress theme with a very basic design. Is that sounds like something you’re into, a minimalist WordPress theme might be just the ticket to a very successful and user-friendly website. Simple, minimalist themes deliver a great user experience. That’s because there’s absolutely nothing to distract the reader from your content.

That doesn’t mean that a simple design has to be bare bones in terms of features. On the contrary, using WordPress as a starting point, you can have a very feature-rich website that still offers a minimalist design. for blogs and magazines, even e-commerce sites, these simple and clean, modern and minimal style themes do a wonderful job of presenting content that is undoubtedly the star of the show.

Selecting a great minimalist theme can be a challenge, there are hundreds out there and finding the right one can be a difficult task. That’s what this collection is all about. We have already rounded up the absolute best minimalist themes and brought them to you right here so that the research is done for you. So, here are the absolute best clean, simple and modern, minimalist WordPress themes available today.

Oregon, Free, Minimalist WordPress Theme


In this collection, you’ll find a lot of WordPress minimalist themes that can help develop an engaging, cool and amazing platform for your content, but most of them are premium themes that can cost a somewhere between $29 and $59 to purchase.  Not the case with Oregon, this is a completely free theme.  If you want a blog platform that makes your content the most important part of any blog page.  Hey, that’s what this free theme is all about.  Oregon also supports eCommerce, allowing you to create a simple, minimalist eCommerce shop using WooCommerce.  Check out the demo below and download a copy if you need a clear, clean, concisely crafted WordPress theme.  I originally found this theme here.

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Divi, Premium, Minimal Drag and Drop Page Builder


Minimalist WordPress themes come in all shapes and sizes, one of them is called Divi.  I’d say that Divi offers more pre-made styles that practically any theme in this collection.  It makes sense, it’s got one of the largest user bases around and there are hundreds, if not thousands of pre-made designs available to you to help construct a great looking website for any purpose.  Blogs, magazines, eCommerce sites, the choice is yours.  The Divi drag and drop page builder allows you to finely tune any of the pre-made demo styles to add the functionality your website craves.  Everything is user friendly, so don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of features available to you.

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Elegance Pro, Minimalist Genesis Framework Blog Theme


Elegance Pro is a Genesis framework child theme that provides a very stable platform for your content. For bloggers who want a pure, engaging and modern blog layout oh, this black-and-white WordPress theme provides a really nice place to start. Elegance Pro is a refined and polished way to present your content. It’s a graceful theme that has a very simple and straightforward style that is going to present your content in a super minimalist style that helps people to engage with your written material and to see your images in a new light. Genesis framework child themes or widely respected as being particularly fast loading and they look great on all devices, thanks to the inherent responsive design.

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Pheromone, Full Screen, Minimalist Portfolio Theme


Pheromone is a full-screen WordPress theme that blends modern features with a classic design. Pheromone does a wonderful job of making sure your content is front-and-center, looking as great on all devices as possible and giving your readers exactly what they are looking for at every turn.  Pheromone is one of those themes that has every feature needed, but the design provides a simple, clean and distraction free environment to look at while you browse through content. This can make readers engage more with content and keep them coming back in the future.  WordPress minimalist themes like Pheromone are a wonderful way to present all sorts of content, but the full screen display makes it particularly nice for portfolios.

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Suarez, Minimal Personal Blog Theme for WP


Suarez is a personal blog theme that’s got a minimal style that’s engaging and interesting.  It’s clean and modern, to be sure, but it’s got a hint of style that many minimal themes don’t have.  Suarez is made for personal bloggers who want to ensure readers get what they want, when they want it.  Among the cleanest themes for personal blogs, Suarez gives you nearly unlimited ability to create perfect projects, Suarez is made for all skill levels and any industry.  No matter your level of coding skill, you’re going to be able to build a successful website starting with any of the 50 different starting pages and demos.  These demo styles run the gamut of possible uses, from creative to corporate websites, beauty sites and interior design, fashion and music, eCommerce and wedding sites, just to name a few.

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Arnold, Clean, Modern, Minimal Blogging Theme


Minimalist WordPress themes are a delightful way to present your content.  Arnold is one minimal theme that makes your posts, your pages and your images pop, practically jumping off the screen.  For professional freelancers, this flat theme makes sure there’s not a lot of additional elements on the page that could possibly distract from the experience.  Arnold is now a WooCommerce theme too, recently updated and upgraded with even better code, more pre-made demo styles and other features.  Arnold has a portfolio builder plugin included, where you can drag and drop elements into place, perfectly arranging all of your images for mazimum impact.  Other key features include Google font support, Retina display and responsive design.  As with all modern themes, there’s strong social media integration to help connect with your visitors.

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Incanto, Minimalist WordPress Blog and eCommerce Theme


WordPress minimalist themes like Incanto do a nice job of making your web content look fabulous.  Just because Incanto is a minimal style WordPress theme, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some style of it’s own.  This theme offers 5 different multi-page themes and 5 more one page variations.  Incanto has a working Ajax portfolio and 7 specially designed single portfolio pages, a grid and masonry blog style, multiple tools and components and more.  Perfect for business and creative sites, for shops and agencies, portfolio and blogs.  Incanto is simple to install and just as easy to adapt the look and feel of this site to fit your brand.  If you’re a blogger, building a brand that is memorable can be helped a lot with this simple, modern styled theme.

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Zeen, Clean, Simple Magazine WordPress Theme


Zeen calls itself a ‘next generation magazine theme’ and I think that’s an apt description.  Zeen has a lot of features that can be used by both beginners and tested WordPress masters.  Your skill level won’t interfere in your ability to make an amazing website that readers will enjoy.  Zeen is great for blogs or magazines, the types of websites that feature text and images in equal measure.  but, it’s also a great option for portfolio sites and other creative, image heavy websites.  There’s even full support for WooCommerce, letting you make a fabulous online shop with that same, slim and trim style that your blog site will offer.  Zeen is one of the rare themes that has scored a perfect 100 out of 100 on GT Metrix, meaning it’s among the fastest loading WordPress themes on the market.  So, it’s not just about the clean, flat style, it’s about substance and high levels of performance.

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Eris, Minimal WordPress Blog Theme


WordPress minimalist themes like Eris put the focus on your posts, your projects and your images.  Eris is crisp, it’s fresh, it’s dynamic and it’s user friendly.  Eris makes a first impression that folks aren’t going to forget.  Eris gives you a prominent slider to help promote popular, recent or key content.  Eris gives you a pair of header or menu styles, you can adjust the number of columns for portfolios, your posts are going to look fabulous, thanks to the clean, modern typography and the general layout of your posts.  If you’re not into the pre-selected font, you can choose any of the Google fonts to make things a little more personal for you.  Eris is a wonderful theme for minimalistic blogs and portfolios.

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Blissard, Minimalist WordPress Writer’s Theme


Writers and bloggers who want a clean, crisp and somewhat plain style for blog posts, Blissard is a great starting place.  There’s no room for extraneous design with Blissard, everything is completely lucid, light and airy.  With plenty of white space, your posts and pages are going to look very modern, classic and absolutely easy to read.  There’s a reason designers love white space, it helps to process content, whether it’s text or images.  Plenty of white space makes it simpler for readers to digest what they see on the pace, so it can be a nice way to make sure your posts get the attention they so richly deserve.

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Blance, WooCommerce WordPress Minimalist Theme


Minimalist WordPress themes like Blance come along only rarely.  Blance has a clean, flat style that makes your posts and pages the most important part of the reader’s experience.  Blance is an eCommerce ready theme that has a simple, almost vanilla look to it, but despite that relative lack of a complex visual design, it packs in the features to make your website work right for any purpose.  I personally delight in an unfussy, unembellished design and the developer is clearly in agreement.  These types of modest designs work great for promoting products in your store, ensuring that your readers have every opportunity to gain knowledge and make the right decision.  However, even if you’re not selling products, you get a sleek and sophisticated blog and portfolio to present that type of content in the same unpretentious way.

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Norway, Minimalist WordPress Lifestyle Blog Theme


Norway is sort of like a blank slate for your content.  The fact that this fast loading, well coded theme has such a pure and simple style means that whatever your content is, whatever images you choose, that becomes the style of your site.  With that in mind, your images and blog posts, they become your branding.  Or at least the basis of your branding.  The design is neat and orderly, sparkling in design and chock-full of features that can help your develop a compelling and enchanting website that readers are going to find fascinating.  That keeps folks coming back for more.

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Soledad, Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme


WordPress minimalist themes can provide an inviting environment for your posts, articles, pages and even products.  Developing a captivating website can make your content more attractive to readers and that’s a great idea for any type of websites.  When you keep the style simple and consistant, you’re guaranteed to make it easier for visitors to find what they want and to really connect with it.  Soledad is a premium, highly rated theme that provides a pleasant canvas for your posts, ensuring that there’s nothing overly complicated that will interrupt the experience of reading your posts.  With thousands of pre-made designs and demos included, you’re definitely going to find a lot of wonderful starting places for the process of building out your website.

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Kleanity, WordPress Minimalist Portfolio and Blog Theme


Kleanity is a beguiling theme, it contributes a fabulous style that keeps focus on your posts, pages, articles and other content.  Kleanity’s simple, straightforward arrangement isn’t plain.  Not exactly anyway.  Kleanity comes with the GoodLayers page builder, one that I find particularly easy to use.  You get 19 different header styles, a handy demo importer, Kleanity supports all shapes and sizes of device and the admin panel is admirable.  The fantastic array of features gives you the power to shape your reader’s expereince and make sure everyone is able to find what they want when they visit your website.

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Aperitive, WordPress Minimalist Restaurant Theme


Minimalist WordPress themes like Aperitive give a remarkable way to present an incredible range of content.  While Aperitive is built as a food blog or restaurant theme, the level of extension that Aperitive provides makes this an essential choice for blogs of all sort.  The modern aspects of Aperitive isn’t just in terms of the basic style, it has contemporary features, modernized code and state-of-the-art addons that can make it appealing for a wide range of webmasters and bloggers.  Aperitive has an interesting split screen layout that makes images and text look amazing in equal measure.

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Shutter, Multipurpose Minimalist Portfolio Theme


Shutter is an avante-garde theme, but it’s a very simple theme at the same time.  With about a half dozen different layouts, Shutter is part blog, part portfolio and all professionalism.  This is a very novel theme, the fresh style means your content is going to be center stage.  The design is orderly, sparkling and graceful, making your images and posts look bright, neat and interesting.  It’s sort of amazing the power of a well designed minimalistic theme and Shutter is one that pull it off with aplomb.

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Eames, Clean, Classic WordPress Minimalist Theme


Eames is a minimalist WordPress theme that blends modern features with a sort of mid century modern style, giving it a nice range of uses.  With Eames, you can build a user-friendly playform for all kinds of blog content and you’ll even be able to set up an online shop to sell products.  Eames is a blog first and foremost though, concentrating the reader’s attention on your content from the absolute get go.  If you’re adding images to your posts, and who isn’t these days, Eames provides a wonderful frame for that striking, visual content.  Eames has a powerful theme options panel for advanced customization and it’s very simple to use.  Highly recommended.

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Inverto, Black and White WordPress Theme


Inverto is looking to turn the world of minimalist WordPress themes upside down.  That’s sort of a play on the title.  Get it?  Yeah?  Okay.  Well, this is a simple and clean, minimalistic and daring WordPress theme for both eCommerce sites and project promotion with a clean portfolio layout.  If you’re just getting started with WordPress, this theme is a particularly nice one, it’s beginner friendly, easy to install and very simple to customize after you get it up and running.  For anyone who wants a theme that looks great while delivering a high performance user-experience, Inverto is a wonderful theme to choose.

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Noemi, Simple, Plain WordPress Blog Theme


Minimalist WordPress themes

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Roua, Clean, Minimal Portfolio Theme for WordPress



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Amio, eCommerce, Blog and Portfolio Theme for Minimal Sites



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Underwood, Minimal WordPress Lifestyle Blog Theme



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Collecto, Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme


Minimalist WordPress themes

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Eero, Minimal Blog, Portfolio and Shop Theme



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Moment, Clean, Modern, Simple Magazine Theme


Minimalist WordPress theme

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Brittany, WordPress Minimal Lifestyle Blog Template



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Beatrix, Hand Crafted WordPress Minimal Blogging Theme



DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Cre8or, Minimal Portfolio Template for WordPress



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Milo, Premium, Simple WordPress Blog Theme



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No Sidebar Pro, Simple, Modern WordPress Theme



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Monochrome Pro, Black and White WordPress Theme



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Monument Valley, Minimalist GPL WordPress Theme


Minimalist WordPress theme

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Maav, Modern, Unique, Clean Business Theme



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Simply Pro, WordPress Premium Blog Theme



Demo More Information Get Hosting

Dorsey, Minimal WordPress Blog Theme


Minimalist WordPress theme

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Beautiful Pro, Gorgeous WordPress Minimal Blog


minimal WordPress theme

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Eclecticon, Clean, Simple, Modern Blog Theme



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Ariva, Minimalist Genesis Framework Theme



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Minicon, Minimalistic WordPress Video Theme


Simple WordPress themes

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Base, Ultra Simple WordPress Blog Theme


Ultra minimlist WordPress themes

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Lisbeth, Clean, Full Screen Lifestyle Blog Theme


Simple WordPress themes

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Blogojoy, Minimal Design WP Blog Theme


This simple WordPress theme does a wonderful job of helping you craft a really nice website, no matter what subject matter you’re into.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Om, Premium, Sleek WordPress Travel Blog Theme


Simple WordPress blog themes like Om do a nice job of making sure your content is at the forefront of visitor’s experience on your website.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Afternight, Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme


Afternight is a clean, simple WordPress template that shines a laser-like focus on your content.

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Antive, Creative and Minimalist Shop and Blog Theme


Clean WordPress themes

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Authentic, Simple, Professional WordPress Blogging Theme


Simple, responsive WordPress themes

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Marcell, Minimalist Portfolio Theme for Freelancers



DemoMore Information Get Hosting

The Essentialist, Minimal Style WordPress Blogging Theme



DemoMore Information Get Hosting

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