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Howdy folks, welcome to BlingThemes newest offering: Slick.  Slick is a simple, but attractive parallax theme, perfect for your portfolio, personal blog or whatever you want to throw at it.  This one even works as a cool one page theme.  Slick is simple to use, but powerful enough to produce a really amazing look, right out of the box.  The design was crafted as a personal WordPress blogging theme, but it could easily be useful as a portfolio for corporate or personal website.  You’ll have a lightweight, yet fully featured theme to show off any designs you have to offer.

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foodica wordpress theme

This is flat out delicious.  If you’re trying to start a food blog, or you’re just into talking about your own culinary exploits, Foodica could be a fine pick.  This theme is stunningly intuitive, making it simple enough to get started immediately, but powerful enough to fit with any kind of website.  The demo is set up to give an example of what a food blog would look, perfect for caterers, foodies, aspiring culinary marvels, food critics and restaurant reviewers and related sites, but there’s no reason you can’t use it for a personal blog page too.  Foodica can please a lot of different people, with a stylish home page and a number of different blog post styles, your posts are really going to stand out from everybody else on the market.

The layouts are designed to get you up and posting relatively quickly, because the design of posts and pages is ready to go, allowing you to create attractive and interesting content with customized shortcodes, specifically made for the Foodica blog, the directions and ingredient codes let you create mouth watering recipes to keep your readers coming back time and time again.  We like the variety of color schemes to choose from, they let you skin the site any way you see fit and then there are the incredibly powerful widgets that add features that help your site stand out.  These include an Instagram picture widget, a Twitter feed and more.  Those social networking features are important to help you rank your site quickly and easily, because Google wants to ranks sites that are interactive and sticky.

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Corner WordPress Simple Blog Theme

minimal wordpress theme

Corner is a simple, clean and modern…even minimalistic, WP theme for your amazing content.  Look at how sleek this thing is?  There’s no room for the content to slink into the corners of the page, it’s all right there in front of your face.  We like that.  But Corner is absolutely still a completely premium WordPress theme designed for personal blogging use. Using Corner you can easily display your work, thoughts, pin items and sell anything. Corner is so flexible you can transform your website in anything you wish, even all the colors from its powerful control panel. This page is completely widgetized!

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Milo is a simple blog style WP theme that still packs in enough features to make sure you can utilize this theme for a wide variety of projects, like a portfolio or more.  It’s clean and beautiful with that minimalist style that’s really popular these days, so it doesn’t matter what you want to blog about, Milo is going to look great and give you all the features you need.

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woocommerce themes

Woo-Commerce themes give you a out of sight place to showcase products online.  No matter what what type goods you are trying to sell, WooCommerce is a tool to generate money really quickly!  If You’ve come in search of a well designed and cool WooCommerce eCommerce theme, this particular theme could possibly be ideal.  This WooCommerce theme is mind-bendingly simplistic to set up a new WooCommerce store and it’s inexpensive.  You can be sure that your potential customers will really enjoy their shopping experience on your site, and it’s got a lot to with the fact that this Woo-Commerce theme has good support and it’s perfectly coded.

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Howdy folks, welcome to BlingThemes newest offering: Shiner.  Shiner is a simple, but attractive parallax theme, perfect for your portfolio, personal blog or whatever you want to throw at it.  Shiner is simple to use, but powerful enough to produce a really amazing look, right out of the box.

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Divi is one of the most impressive themes to come along in the last few months.  Divi is a true multipurpose theme, with tons of layouts and features included.  Personal blogs will look great with this dynamic theme from Elegant Themes.  We think you’re going to love just about everything about this one, from the functionality to the slick and modern design, the support from Elegant Themes and best of all, the price.  Divi is a real powerhouse and maybe the only theme you ever need to buy.  Love it!

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This is Throne, a perfectly well designed, simple personal style blog theme for WordPress.  Throne uses responsive design and a well thought out typography setup to make a blog theme that’s perfect for marketing your product or just letting folks know what you’ve been up to.  Throne has a cool full screen background image option too, so you’ll have lots of options to make this theme look just the way you want it to.

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Hardy flat and Responsive personal blog WordPress Theme

Hardy is an attractive little blog, perfect for letting everybody know what’s going on in your life, your business or your hobby.  You’ll truly love this best blog WordPress themes.   This totally simple and compelling portfolio theme is overflowing with second to none features that make it simple and painless to generate a portfolio new WP site in no time flat!  ThemeTrust has some of the very best WordPress blog themes on the market.

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selfie personal wordpress blog theme

Selfie is a personal WordPress blogging theme with two basic layouts.  The one above is a masonry blog design, which features a dark header and background image, a featured grid slider with AJAX category filter and then there’s a modern, classic stylish blog layout too, which gives you a shining white header (full-width), middle header menu and more.  No matter which one you prefer, the theme still brings the same clean code, short codes, documentation and support.  It’s just a matter of which sort of styling you’d rather have.  Selfie is great with Social Networking too, full integration with all the main social networks is provided, so you’ll be able to connect with your readers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  Use any of the Google fonts for fantastic typography.  Wonderfully crafted blog for SEO too, this thing loads up fast.

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Breeze has excellent artistic style as well as awesome support. Breeze is going to simply help you to contact all your current committed traffic no matter where they might be. Breeze is an effective looking, beautifully blogging platform and Breeze is designed to make your weblog as simple and smooth as possible. Remarkable!  You’ll enjoy this simple WordPress blog themes.

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Weh Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

weh personal blogging theme

Weh is slick WordPress blogging theme from Themes Awesome, a theme provider that really lives up to their name. Weh is simple, it’s gorgeous and it’s well built for beginners or WordPress experts alike.  Use it as a magazine.  Use it as a blog.  Weh works well any way you slice it.  News websites, personal blogs, journals, writing sites and other related projects, with an emphasis on mixed media and professional level Typography. Easy to customize, easy to read.  If you’re looking for a personal blog WordPress theme, you’re looking for Weh.

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collections personal blog theme WordPress

Collections offers exceptional graphic style and also significant support. Breeze may possibly easily assist you to connect with all of your current trustworthy viewers irrespective of where they are. Collections is a great looking, especially WordPress theme and Breeze definitely will make your blogging and site-building as quick and smooth as is possible. Amazing!  You’ll enjoy this personal blog themes.

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Mary Poppins

personal blogging theme

Mary Poppins possess fantastic artistic style and design and great guidance. Breeze may possibly straightforwardly permit you to connect with all of the devoted audience anywhere they might be. Mary Poppins is a good looking, especially theme for WordPress and Breeze is built to make your blog posting as simple and sleek as is possible. Splendid!  You’ll really appreciate this best WordPress blog themes.  Mary Poppins could be one of the best WordPress blog themes around, if you need a feminine looking site.

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WordPress theme parallax scroll

Proxy offers tremendous aesthetic style and also significant support. Breeze is going to clearly give you the freedom to connect to all the faithful viewers anywhere they may be. Proxy is a wonderful looking, exceedingly WordPress blog theme and Breeze is able to help to make your blog time as quick and smooth as it can be. Fantastic!  You’ll love this best blog WordPress themes.   WordPress personal blog themes can be a great solution if you actually need a personal WordPress blog theme.  That makes sense to look for a personal blog WordPress theme.

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Electra could be a perfect personal blog for your nest website, but it might be just as good as a creative agency blog, a design studio site or even a business webpage.  Electra is that flexible.  Electra boasts exceptional artistic structure as well as awesome help. You’ll enjoy this simple WordPress blog themes. Breeze will probably very easily allow you to reach out to all of the dedicated readers everywhere they may be. Electra is a superb looking, beautifully WordPress theme and Breeze was designed to help to make your blog experience as basic and picture perfect as possible. Amazing!  Keep the best WordPress blog themes coming Tesla Themes!  We have reason to believe they will keep providing the finest in WordPress personal blog themes.Demo Purchase Get Hosting



If a personal style blog theme is what you’re after, Revoke can help.  It’s more than just a blog theme though, since Revoke is incredibly flexible.  You’ll enjoy this personal blog themes.  Revoke boasts superb graphic design as well as perfect help. Breeze can easily let you reach out to all of ones dependable viewers everywhere they may be. Revoke is a fantastic looking, exceedingly responsive WP theme and Breeze was made to help to make your blogging time as effortless and streamlined as is possible. Impressive!  Revoke really is one of the best WordPress blog themes out there.Demo Purchase Get Hosting


You’ll enjoy this best WordPress blog.  Clarity is a personal blog theme with a lot to offer.  It’s fresh and cutting edge high quality single page theme for WP. Packing a bunch of smashing kinds of layout to clearly display your subject matter. Clarity was created to keep working, made for a portfolio, personal blog as well as a company webpage. A perfect personal blog theme can really help you connect to your readers.  I adore WordPress single page themes with demo data ready to import and this theme, Goddess. has it. One click goodness! Demo Purchase Get Hosting

Nexus Best WordPress Magazine Theme

Magazine Themes For WordPress

Nexus is an Elegant Themes offering, one of their many magazine WordPress themes, which means a few things right away.  Clean code, great support and a host of awesome plugins and short codes included with every download.  You can join their theme club and download a whole bunch of themes for pennies each.  Nexus itself is a versatile Magazine theme, with reviews and more.  All in a neat, tidy design package that will keep your readers happy to learn more about the information you have to offer.

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blogo fun blog theme for women

You’ll enjoy the heck out of this best WordPress blog themes. We are consistently blown away by ThemeForest’s design work. Blogo is definitely not an exception to this rule. Blogo is super-fun, retro and it’s the ideal blog theme for personal websites that don’t take themselves too seriously.  Blogo is an amazing agency design, functional but the parallax scroll portfolio option suggests it’s likely best used for showcasing a portfolio. It’s vibrant and lovely animations would be the best way to show your work very well, by ensuring the public is absolutely fascinated by your visuals. Blogo, as always, includes a large number of theme options in their internal theme options panel and their different post style templates.  The best WordPress personal blog themes all have one thing in common, great functionality.Demo Purchase Get Hosting


wordpress writers blog theme

Lucid is a clean and fantastically well appointed.  It’s a simple and minimalistic responsive blogging or personal WordPress theme that really puts the focus on your content and on user experience.  You’ll truly appreciate this personal blog themes.  This very simple and supreme WordPress theme is loaded with solid features that make it simple and painless to build a portfolio new website fast!  WordPress personal blogging themes don’t have to be boring.

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You’ll really appreciate this best blog WordPress themes. Parallax has never looked so cool.  That’s Vernum.  Showcase just about any work or popular services with a the best choice looking one page parallax website. Displaying work with amazing parallax design is boss and can be an incredible feature any user will find to be useful and cool.  This theme is definitely a terrific single page parallax scrolling portfolio template for any kind of businesses and agencies who would like to display their newest projects in a cool manner. This theme is definitely going to amaze viewers with its super-cool movement and transitions that make everything feel and act completely natural. The incredible portfolio page is actually structurally sound and can be simply customized using just a few clicks.  Get with the parallax revolution and start a personal WordPress theme site today!  We have reason to believe they will keep providing the finest in WordPress personal blog themes.

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josephine lifestyle blogger theme wordpress

Blogging can certainly be a valuable and profitable, yet incredibly cutthroat area of work. Josephine is a personal blogging WordPress theme that is sure to boost your web presence and really drive it to outperform all of your competition. Folks who choose Josephine will find a theme that has an infinite amount of custom settings that you can tweak to get the exact results you’re looking for.  Edit each and every site feature without having to learn a bunch of HTML5 and CSS3 code.  It’s all done for you.  That’s a tremendous advantage if you’re the type of person who hasn’t ever made or run a website before.  Maybe this is your first time running a blog, or you decided to chronicle your life to let others know what’s going on in your world.  Whatever it is, if you don’t want to have to learn coding, which can take months, then a pre-made WordPress theme is a time saving purchase to be sure.

This theme is perfectly responsive, so your visitors will never have an issue accessing your content on any sort of machine they use.  That creates a cool and enjoyable user experience which Google loves.  Josephine includes five separate and distinct variations of style and you’ll have a choice ahead of you in deciding which one fits your project the best.  The chic and dignified design is popular too, this theme has a 4.5 rating on ThemeForest and was created by an Elite author.  They don’t just give out those awards, you have to earn it.

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blogyup wordpress personal blogging platform

Personal blog WordPress themes come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of features to help you craft the best online experience possible.  Build an audience with this simple and clear-cut design.  The almost minimal design doesn’t mean this is boring or lacks the full features you expect from a premium personal blogging theme, in fact, it’s got a lot to offer.  With two separate demos, modern and classic, ten custom widgets, an ultra responsive design, a variety of post types and social media compatibility, BlogyUP is a theme that you can grow with.  The advanced admin panel is state of the art, allowing you to quickly change background colors, upload your logo and more.  Redux is the framework behind this theme and that makes it strong and powerful for any use.  This theme is great for SEO too, coded to perfection with no bugs.

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WordPress personal blog themes

Masonry has never looked better and that makes this one of the best WordPress blog themes on the market. You’ll like this best blog themes WordPress.   Blogdrops is a soft looking grid portfolio theme that’s entertaining, refreshing and ready to showcase the best of your pictures! Suitable for contemporary design portfolios, ad agencies and more. Possibly a wedding photography company seeking a leading edge theme to make things look new? Graph Paper Press has ensured that the code is absolutely neatly set up and this WordPress portfolio theme is eCommerce ready, with their zero cost “Sell Media” plugin.  It’s so simple, it’s deceptively powerful.   Blogdrops is fluid and responsive as well, so it looks amazing on virtually any system.  We really love the delicate and refined design of this WordPress personal blogging theme and with a masonry homepage, blog homepage, advanced admin panel, unlimited color schemes, homepage alternatives and more, it’s moldable enough to fit in with nearly any online business or blog.

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craft clean and modern style portfolio theme

WordPress personal blog themes need to have a little attitude.  You’ll enjoy this best WordPress blog themes.  Say hello to my little friend, Craft.  Craft is a surprisingly simple, clean, and stylish portfolio theme that adjusts to any kind of screen size. Here is one of the most effective ThemeTrust designs. Set full screen backdrop illustrations or photos to effortlessly bestow each project, post, or web page it’s own unique attitude. Quickly flip an assortment of photographs right into a slideshow. Promptly modify areas of the design with an incorporated options panel. Choose and publish your site’s logo image. Craft is natural, craft is good.  Not everybody does it, but everybody should.  Each ThemeTrust theme you buy offers lifetime assistance.  You’re going to love this personal WordPress theme.

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WordPress Themes For Creatives

Klaus is one of those WordPress personal blog themes that have a little funk in their game.  You’ll truly appreciate this personal WordPress themes.  Klaus is a Bootstrap 3.0 built theme that’s ready for your personal blogging content and more.  Klaus is an uncomplicated, fresh, and fashionable multipurpose theme that configures itself to just about any screen size. This is one of the better templates. Comfortably convert a group of graphics right into a slideshow. So it’s safe to say Klaus would make for a good portfolio site too.  Promptly alter parts of the site’s design with a built-in options panel. Pick and post your very own logo image. This innovative style is trendy, chic and intelligent. That is wise. Klaus is a simple way to exhibit every bit of your work. Klaus is a super and well coded design, loaded with a substantial quantity of charming features as well as other accessories to make the theme appear and act just the style you like it to.  If you need a WordPress blog personal theme, give this one a spin.

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william minimal wordpress theme

Meet William, a lovely little minimal personal blog theme for WordPress, and it’s ready to make your blog posts look amazing.  You’re going to present your posts with a modern, professional and minimalist look, modern and lovely on every page. We think freelancers will love this theme, especially copywriters who want to make a wonderful initial contact with potential employers or clients.  The attractive design and solid code make this page load quickly, so your audience will get the idea of what you can do for them immediately.  William is responsive, so it’ll look fantastic on any device, it includes extensive documentation to help get you started installing and running your blog.  The journal page demo looks great, with an attractive headline over the slider image to go with simple navigation and a typography that looks really great on every page.

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vero wordpress personal blog theme

Opal WordPress has come up with a pretty cool looking blog/magazine hybrid theme.  We’re listing it here, because if you want a blog theme that does have a lot of magazine style aspects to it, I think it’s a pretty good example.  So, it’s called Vero and it’s a clean and responsive, modern news, magazine and blog theme.  The design is great for sports blogs, travel writers, food critics, maybe even fashion or photography blogs.  If you want something a little more on the news style, world news, local, tech news, whatever you need.  Vero is responsive, like most of the best themes are, and it’s WooCommerce ready, which some aren’t.  So if you want a personal blog and magazine with the ability to sell your own products, Vero is an incredible value.

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Personal Blog WordPress Theme

With great responsiveness comes great WordPress.  And some of the best blog themes, like Booklet, are completely rebuilding what a blog is all about.  They’ve re-thought what it is to browse a website. Booklet was built from ground up, from the code level, to give the best reading experience possible on all devices.  That’s responsiveness.  Booklet is a stunning, image-centric WordPress personal blog theme. You’ll enjoy the heck out of this best WordPress blog themes.  This incredibly easy and good theme is completely full of some incredible features that make it totally simple to design and create a portfolio brand new website very quickly!  Booklet is a personal journal theme that was inspired by e-readers like the Kindle, so it’s no surprise that Booklet lets you set up your site almost like an eBook, since you can change the font to be whatever you want it to be.  It’s completely responsive and looks great on every device we’ve tried it on.

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There’s nothing between your readers and your content.  The best blog themes, like Wintersong and StudioPress, are completely re-imagining personal blog themes.  They’ve removed everything that doesn’t matter, and let us with a striking, stunning personal blogging theme that’s minimalist, sleek and fast.  Your audience will love this them. Visually, it’s appealing.  The typography jumps off the page.  With great content, your readers will be absolutely blown away.  This is one of the best WordPress blog themes we’ve seen so far.

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personal blog theme for wordpress

The best blog themes help you tell a story.  Do you have a great story to tell?  Everybody does, even if they’re on a journey of discovery to find that amazing tale, that point of view or that voice that will help them express their thoughts, feelings and goals.  With Publisher, you can easily share your stories, points of view, ideas, concepts and wild tales with ease.  This personal blog page is simple, but feature rich enough to make you happy with the end result.  Show off your newest articles, blogs, journal entries with a wide variety of options.  Decide how many posts per front page, add slideshows and more, like recent news section in sidebar or footer widgets.

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one page theme

Is Venus her name?  Stands to reason, doesn’t it?  Because this theme is lovely.  It’s gorgeous, it’s lightning fast.  Goddess is utterly delightful and perfect for a wide variety of the best best WordPress blog themes sites, from personal pages to corporate blogs.  Sales pages to technology magazine.  Whatever you can think of.  With Goddess, you’ll be up and running quick.  Loads of options, a modern style and more make Goddess a huge hit.  Goddess is one of those WordPress themes for blogging that just does everything you need.  Goddess is a fresh and contemporary premium quality single page theme for WP. Stuffing a variety of great sorts of configuration to distinctly publicize your content. Goddess is built to keep working, perfect for a portfolio, private blog or perhaps a home based business site. Goddess adapts to your needs, not the other way around.  It’s that flexible.  I adore WordPress one page themes with demo data included and this is one of those. One click demo data rocks!  This is one of the best WordPress blog you won’t soon forget.

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WordPress personal blog theme

Envelope is a premium WordPress personal blogging theme, that provides you the tools and functionality to craft a wonderful, personal blog page in half the time of some other themes.  Envelope is all about writing, no matter who you’re writing for or what the subject matter is.   Envelope was specifically made to act as a powerful platform for anyone in a creative field, like designers, artists, creative thinkers and most particularly, writers.

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We’ve come to the end of the road for this collection of the best personal blog WordPress themes.  But we update this collection often!  So if you need to find a great WordPress theme for writers, a WordPress blog theme for any kind of publication really…bookmark us and check back often!  If you didn’t see anything you liked, maybe try these popular categories.

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