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We’ve put together this collection of WordPress themes that area great for building a wonderful website that has high-end typography and amazing design.  Typography can make otherwise standard content look more appealing and it can help to create.  Typography is all about the style and look, the appearance and layout of printed manner.  Arranging text in a pleasing way and making sure the reader is able to process everything they see.  So, that’s what typography does and it’s a fine way to add a little emphasis on what’s most important.

There are a lot of themes available and not all of them have great looking typography, but we’ve tried to narrow the selection down to the absolute best themes.  For charming blogs and lively magazines, trendy eCommerce sites and business stupendous websites.  So, here we have the list, the best typography based WordPress themes that can make your content shine, landing you acclaim and a colossal amount of web traffic going forward.


Milo, Minimalist Writer's Typography WordPress Theme

Milo is a clean, simple and minimal theme that offers wonderful typography, clean design and it’s a powerful platform for blogs, eCommerce and magazines, not to mention portfolios.   The typography is a big part of why this theme has been so successful in it’s time on the market.

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KonCept WordPress Responsive Typography Based Blog Theme

The Kon/Cept WordPress theme is a perfect balance of imagery and text options.  Blending those two things can be a tricky thing for web developers, Kon/Cept is well built, flexible and easy to manage for all levels of user, from beginner to very experienced.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic, Single Page Business Theme

Massive Dynamic is a great theme for businesses and bloggers who love what great typography can bring to the table.  Massive Dynamic has been judged to be among the best themes available by those who have purchased it.  There are many different demo styles to choose from, endless font and type choices, it’s deeply customizable and intensely well built.

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Crate is a simple, clean and useful blog theme.  If you want to build an authority website, the features that Crate offers can help you do it.  Get aggressive about delivering a wonderful user experience.  It’s a big challenge, but its obtainable with a lot of hard work.

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Clean Photo

Clean Photo, Portfolio Theme with Bold Typography

Clean Photo is a WordPress portfolio theme that is qithout question, one of the neatest and most fully featured WordPress themes on this list.  It delivers an awesome experience and part of that trick is the great looking typography that it brings.  Blending features and functionality with ease-of-use is one of the biggest challenges for any web developer, but with Clean Photo, you can do all of that and more.

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The M, Blog With Cool Font Use

The M is a clean, simple and glistening WordPress theem that delivers a near perfect experience for all users.  The M is agile, it’s flexible and you’re going to find that it’s one of the quickest themes to set up, one of the simplest to customize and one of the most robust themes for making a great looking, typography driven website.

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Moment, Typography Concentrated magazine Theme

Moment is like a silent partner in building a website.  This modern magazine theme has really nice typography, it’s an original and adventurous theme that gives you a well appointed theme that will measure up to any premium theme on the market.  Hopefully, you can enjoy a theme like this one to help make a fascinating site that’s easy to use.

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Brooklyn, Premium WordPress Single Page Themes

Brooklyn uses bold, san serif font for headlines and it’s clean, pristine and fantastically well designed.  Brooklyn is doubtless one of the better themes for customizing too, it has the type of style that won’t interrupt your reader’s experience with a bunch of extra details that aren’t directly related to your content.  If you need to extend the features, this theme works perfectly with a lot of major plugins and addons to give you all the features that your website needs to have.

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San Francisco

San Francisco, Journal and Content Marketing Blog Theme


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No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar Pro Clean, Ultra Minimal Typography Theme


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Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure, Writing and Typography Theme


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Gonjjo WordPress Typographic Theme


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Gridlove, WordPress Magazine for Content Marketers


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