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Best WordPress Video Themes for Beautiful Blogs, Portfolios and Tutorials

Best WordPress Video Themes

There are a lot of different directions that you can go if you’re building a video website. Video is incredibly popular these days, it’s one of the best tools for reaching a new audience. so, whether you are creating a video blog or magazine, perhaps based around travel or recipes, WordPress and one of these awesome video themes is a great choice.

Others may be more interested in the latest breaking news and events from around the world. Online video magazines are another great way to capitalized in popularity of video and the immediately consumable make sure that it offers.

Many others will be trying to create a video portfolio to showcase all of the creative work that they have put in behind the lens. Others might simply want to embed cat videos. Funny, viral content is bigger than ever and video is one of the absolute best ways to get in on the action.

You can also create websites that put some content behind a paywall, whether it is tutorials or other informational videos. Perhaps educational? No matter what you choose, video is a fantastic tool to help you get the job done. but, you’re going to need the right WordPress theme to make it all work.

That’s where this collection comes in, we have gathered up dozens of fantastic WordPress themes for video and each and every one of them has loads of features and is incredibly easy to use. Hopefully, in this collection, you will be able to find an outstanding video WordPress theme that helps make your content stand apart, building an audience and generating a website that can gain huge popularity. So, here they are, the best video WordPress themes around.


Moview WordPress Movie and Video Community Theme

Soledad is one of the biggest, best and most popular video magazine themes there is, it’s packed with features and awesome designs to help you create a stunning website to share news and articles using the power of video.  Soledad has hundreds of pre-made styles to choose from, each one gives you a great platform for sharing content that gets attention.

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Video Go YouTube Clone WordPress Blog Theme

Video Go is the type of theme that I think can work well for many different video applications from straight video blogging to magazine websites.  It even pulls off the job of a tutorials site where you lock some content behind a paywall.  Video Go has the flexibility for all of that and more.  This responsive theme works well on all devices, it’s easy to manage and the customization level is quite impressive.

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Divi WordPress Video Portfolio Theme

Divi is among the most popular video WordPress themes and the sheer number of features and functionality that Divi provides is very impressive indeed. Divi comes with a huge amount of pre-made styles, quite a number of them are perfect for video. You can self-host video clips or embed them from your favorite video service like Vimeo or YouTube. No matter which way you go, did he gives you the flexibility to have the type of layout that you want, multiple content blocks that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the page and a visual editor that allows for fine-tuning the look and feel of your website in real time.

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Empire, WordPress Video and Portfolio Theme

Empire is a clean and well-organized WordPress portfolio theme that makes your videos look fantastic. Empire is very easy to use, it’s got a great-looking full screen design that’s perfect for freelancers and creative agencies. Illustrators, cinematographers, videographers, graphic designers, everyone can benefit from this type of clean layout and all of the features that this template delivers. Empire is responsive and easy-to-use, has a clean and modern design and I think that it’s a great option for any type of video.

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Benson WordPress Video Portfolio Theme

Benson was built as a wedding photography website, though I think that it does everything you need to work as a wedding video services website. Benson has a lot of features and a lot of customization possibilities. If you want to build a great-looking website that blends a blog, I and some portfolio and a full-featured online shop, Benson is a theme that’s worth considering.

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Vlog Personal Video Blog Podcast Magazine

Vlog is an all-around film and video blog that is a smart choice for displaying video content. This theme has a strong focus on videography. Perfectly complementing the needs of complex video news magazine sites, the sophisticated layouts and dynamic presentation of your videos is really going to stand out. If you are creating any type of viral video sharing website, a video blogging platform or video tutorials site, this seem is well worth looking into.

Vlog is fully compatible with Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube, among other video platforms, send a matter which platform you choose, your website is going to look amazing. This themed presents your content in a very clean, professional and well organized way. there are over 200 different post layout combinations, sticky videos and everything is optimized for speed. This is among the most popular video blogging WordPress themes available.

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Materialism WordPress Multimedia Video Agency Theme

Materialism is a material design landing page that does a great job of presenting video content as well. If you want to promote a product or application, this theme with its prominent called action blocked, subscription and contact form, it’s a great way to get the job done. this is a drag and drop a page builder that works perfect for corporate business websites, personal and professional blogs, creative agencies. Landing pages, blogs and a whole lot more. The design is straightforward and modern, well-organized and it doesn’t fantastic job of presenting your video content the way you want it to be presented.

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Vignette WordPress Theme with Video on the front page

This Vignette theme is a delightful one for creating a memorable experience on your website.  Vignette is clean, simple and easy to use.  You want a flexible theme?  Well, Vignette is definitely that as well.  This is great for magazines and video blogs too, so you can do what you want with Vignette.  For more information check out the links below where you can find more info about this theme and what’s possible with it.

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Joker Photography and Videography Full Screen Theme for WordPress

The Joker is no joke, this theme is a powerful and well-designed theme for video portfolios.  You can check out more information about the Joker below, but I’ll give you a brief rundown on some of the features this theme offers.  This theme is professional in every way, it’s easy to use, it offers plenty of design choices and layouts to build a site that reflects your brand.  With this theme, impressing clients is going to be a relative breeze.  There are all sorts of design elements, animations and building a topnotch personal or corporate portfolio is well within your grasp with the Joker WordPress theme.

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The Motion

The Motion WordPress Business Promo Video Theme

When you’re looking for a video blog theme, this theme, called The Motion, is one to consider.  The developer certainly didn’t just ‘go through the motions’ when they made this high quality theme.  It’s loaded with features and it delivers a striking look for your video content.  The Motion is fast loading, which is always great for SEO, it’s simple to customize and it includes a page builder for making really attractive layouts, no matter how you want your content arranged on the page.  This is a really strong entry into the video portfolio and blog world.  Check out more information below.

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Direkuta WordPress Video Portfolio Theme


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Reel Story

Reel Story GPL Licensed WordPress Theme


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Viduze WordPress video Magazine themes


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Viseo WordPress Video Theme


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Ananke WordPress Video Portfolio themes


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KonCept WordPress Portfolio and Video Theme


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