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The Best WordPress Themes for Political Campaigns and Politics


If you need a website for a political campaign, there’s a certain set of features that you’re likely to require. Not just any general-purpose WordPress theme will do when you need to make the right first impression and have all of the tools at your disposal to build a successful political campaign. This collection of special purpose political themes is a great starting point to select a wonderful template. Each one of these themes is very easy to install and just as simple to customize. These themes provide platforms for you to share your views with the world and to accept donations online. Of course, that’s just the beginning of what these political WordPress themes can do to help make your campaign a tremendous success. we have selected only the absolute best political themes out there and hopefully in this collection you can find several possibilities for building a wonderful political campaign website.

No matter what variety of political website you’re attempting to build, you’re probably going to find several WordPress themes that are right for the job. We have created a listing of a large number of WordPress political campaign themes that are absolutely perfect for managing campaigns, promoting candidates, crafting stylish looking political blogs and a whole lot more.

The themes in this collection generally are going to include several pre-made demo styles that look perfect for a wide variety of uses. It’s really just up to you to select one that has the features you want, we’ve already narrowed it down to the absolute best, but the style of each of these themes might be a little bit different. depending on your needs, one of them may leave out at you or perhaps you’re looking for something different.

We’ve done our best to make sure everything here has a lot of features and functionality that make it perfect for political campaigns, allowing you to accept online donations, publicize upcoming events and each one of these themes is perfectly responsive so that it looks great on all devices.

Nominee, Political WordPress Theme for Candidates


With several attractive, professional layouts included, full support for WooCommerce, and several purpose made plugins specifically designed for political campaigns, Nominee is a wonderful theme that could be ideal for any political campaign website.

Nominee has been recently upgraded and updated and now it has even more features than ever before. This highly rated theme is perfect for anyone who wants a very professional political campaign website but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. The developer did quite a bit of research on some of the biggest political campaign sites out there and tried to add all of the features and functionality that those sites bring to the table. There is very clean, clear the biography section so that you can let potential voters know about who you are and what you believe in. There’s a page specifically built for volunteers to help join your cause to fight for what they believe in. I’m not sure I really like the title of it, but there is a page called the manifesto page where you can show people what you or fighting for and what your campaign pledges are all about.

There is a success story timeline to show people what you have accomplished in your life and what you hope to accomplish in the future. this theme comes equipped with a visual Page builder and quite a number of different plugins to keep you in touch with your visitors, your voters and your volunteers. accepting online payments and donations is one of the things that sets this theme apart and with full support for WooCommerce, it’s never been easier to accomplish.

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Election, Political WordPress Themes


if you are a political blogger or a political candidate, this gorgeous WordPress theme and give you a mobile-friendly, highly functional and feature filled website to help promote your beliefs and your political campaign. Election is a totally responsive theme, that means that it will look fabulous on all devices, no matter what size. If you need deep level customization for your website, the built-in theme customizer makes that possible. This theme supports the events calendar WordPress plugin and offers several custom widgets to promote your campaign. This is a very user-friendly and well-designed theme that gets a lot of information across in a very short period of time.

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Protege, Six Professional WordPress Politician Themes


Protege is a WordPress theme that offers one click demo installation, it includes a drag-and-drop page builder it offers you unlimited customization options to give you a political campaign website that looks great and loads up fast. Delivering a great user experience and a wonderful first impression is important, probably more so in a political website than any other type of website. Of course, any business worth its salt knows that a great first impression is important and political campaign websites are no exception. This theme supports WooCommerce and visual composer, giving you a nice combination that can allow you to accept donations online and it gives you the flexibility to design a website that accentuates everything that you have to offer and makes sure people find exactly what they want on your website.

Choosing the right theme can do a lot to help you make the right first impression. I think that considering that the amount of flexibility that this theme offers, the clear-cut navigation and the powerful theme options panel, not to mention the SEO effectiveness of it, you’re going to have a really nice platform to share your ideas with the world.

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Commotion, Political Activism and Campaign Theme


Commotion is a campaign and political activist WordPress theme that helps make an impacted with your visitors. This mobile-friendly theme offers of premium quality featured image slider, it’s a nice way to welcome people to your website and give them a visual representation of what they are about to see. This is a highly dynamic and user-friendly theme that is quite simple to customize. You get a drag-and-drop page builder in addition to your premium slider and the demo content is included to help you get your website up and running quickly. Mega menus and sticky headers, footers and contact forms, even the Photoshop files are included. This is a premium theme for political campaigns and one that I think a lot of users are going to really enjoy.

The absolute flexibility that this theme gives you is one of the best aspects of it. And, you’ll never need to learn how to code to make the most of it. If you are raising funds for a political campaign, this template gives you all of the tools necessary to get the job done and keep people coming back to see your latest positions on issues that are important to them.

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Coup, Political Campaign WordPress Theme


Coup maybe a bit of a strange name for a politicians WordPress theme, but here it is anyway. This is a very clean and engaging design, it gets a lot of information across in a very professional and clean manner. This theme is highly customizable and it looks fabulous on all devices thanks to it’s responsive design. This theme supports WooCommerce, that allows you to set up an online shop to sell t-shirts or coffee cups, as well as accepting online donations to your political campaign. This is a very informational website and it does a wonderful job of getting your point across. The support and documentation are excellent and the social media integration will help you connect with visitors to your site and turn them into supporters of your political campaign.

Ultimately, this theme is very easy to read, easy to adapt to any type of campaign and very simple to customize or personalize. Making sure your website doesn’t look like all of me other candidates in the field, that’s what can help you separate yourself from the others. This is a template that gets your point across with clarity and a lot of great style. I’ve seen quite a number of candidates who have chosen this theme and I think the results are quite nice.

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PolitPress, Multipurpose Political WordPress Theme


This is PolitPress.  With this theme, you can create political candidacy website, website for your political party or organization, a portal for activism and more. This is a feature-rich, user-friendly WordPress theme that is dynamic and engaging, it gives you tons of options for customization and it’s all very simple to use.there are four different demo websites included, a couple of them could be perfect for your needs if you’re looking for one of the better political website templates out there.

First, there’s a theme for religious organizations. that may not be right for your needs, but I thought I would include it in the description. There’s also a charity website, have you on donations and allowing you to create fundraising campaigns, even tracking the results through some specifically built tools. Again, maybe not perfect for a political website.

However, there is another demo specifically built for political parties. This is a very well-organized theme that helps deliver news and helps readers connect with personalities involved in a political party. There’s also an election campaign skin for political candidate websites. if you’re running for local office, having a really dynamic and professional website like this one could do a great job of showcasing your experience and making you look like the right candidate for the job.

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Astute, Responsive Political WordPress Theme


Offering both one page and multi page layouts, this theme is great for politicians, political campaigns, nonprofit organizations and more. Particularly useful for campaign websites, there are six different pre-made demo styles to help you get your website up and running quickly. The entire theme is perfectly responsive and looks great on all devices. There are eight different letter styles, 9 main menu styles and 10 foot or styles. This seo-friendly theme has a mobile-first layout and it looks amazing on all devices. Considering how many people are likely to be showing up on your website using smartphones, that’s a really great feature to offer. This is a really wonderful theme for helping you connect with your visitors and giving them a taste of what you’re all about.

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Baklon, Election and Political WordPress Theme


This theme is absolutely ideal for elections and political campaigns. These days, getting into politics seems like something a lot more people are dealing. There are newcomers who are flexing their political muscles and trying to join the stage with much more established candidates and one great way of making sure you have that ability is to have a great-looking website for your campaign. Even if you don’t have as much money as your political rivals, a great-looking WordPress theme like this one can help to level the playing field. This theme is absolutely ideal for that, it gives you a very professional platform to share your thoughts and feelings about all sorts of different issues. With this template, you can use the donation plugin to help raise funds for your campaign, you can accept payments using woocommerce and you can even sell products like t-shirts or hoodies. It’s really up to you

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Liberty, Political Campaign WordPress Theme


Liberty is another a popular political campaign website, it’s got a professional and engaging design I can help you connect with your visitors in a professional way. this theme claims to be a cutting-edge political theme, though it has been around for a few years and some may consider a design and style of it to be a bit dated. However, for many of you, the amount of features that this template offers could make it worthwhile in the end. You got an events calendar plug-in, a built-in newsletter plugin and this translation ready theme is SEO friendly for great search results. overall, I think this theme is very user-friendly and if you like The prominent placement of the email sign up sheet, this may be a good choice for you. It might be best really as a landing page for a larger political campaign website. I don’t know.

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