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The Best WordPress Themes for Startup Companies and Businesses


We’ve found a huge assortment of the best themes for creating a web startup business.  It’s a challenge to start up a business of any sort, but particularly a web startup.  There’s so much competition out there that having a website that stands out from the crowd can truly help to set you apart and make it so your site, your products and your services get the attention they deserve.  If you’ve spent a lot of time creating a new startup business, you may want to save a little time and money by purchasing a well made, powerful and well organized WordPress theme to help you get started quickly.  We’ve found all the best themes for startup businesses and here they are for everyone to enjoy!

Starting your own company from the ground up can be an incredibly exciting challenge. One of the greatest facets but you will face, one of the biggest tasks that you need to achieve, setting up an awesome website. your website is like an online calling card, it can help you advertise your new product and it can begin to build your brand. start up companies have needs that more established companies don’t necessarily have. anything that can give you a little bit of an edge over the competition can be welcomed. That’s what this collection of the best WordPress themes for start-up businesses and small companies.

WordPress is always a great place to start when building a new website. No matter what type of startup business you have, WordPress gives you a free platform for anyone to take advantage of. Now, all you need is a great-looking website so that folks from all over the world can come to your website and learn about your brand new company. your website is probably going to be the most important early too old and building your brand and your business. So, selecting no great WordPress theme is the first step.

Any of the WordPress themes that you see in this collection are bound to be fast loading, high-quality and user-friendly. These can give you a distinct advantage over your competition because they will save you time and they have all the features that you need to grab all the attention that you can. So, here are the absolute best startup company WordPress themes.



If you’ve developed a new application or you are starting up a software company, perhaps you have devised some amazing bit of technology that’s going to change the world, you’re going to need a fabulous website to share what you’ve created with the world.

Austin is an amazing one page landing page theme that’s great for companies, startups, digital services and anyone who wants a clean, modern and flat style for their website. You get four different unique landing pages, full integration with MailChimp, a beautiful and stylish responsive design, bootstrap 4 code and an easy to customize backend that can really help with your branding efforts. This is a fast loading theme that really gets the job done.

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A lot of startup companies want to radically change the way business works. One of the prerequisites for doing that is having the right WordPress theme two perfectly highlight your content.

Advent is an application promotional landing page that has a clean, modern design, it’s beautiful and engaging, creative and flexible. You got clean code and customizable typography, full integration with social media. There are several different short codes included and you can install demo data with just one click. It delivers a fantastic user experience and I think that it can help any budding startup company to make the most of their time and money.

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WordPress is one of the best platforms for building any website, particularly for startup companies and small businesses. That’s because WordPress is so flexible and there are hundreds of useful, user-friendly WordPress themes that can help you create a reliable website to help promote your business.

Potenza is a robust WordPress theme for applications. when you’re starting up your company, having a lot of flexibility is just as important as the overall style of your website. Potenza perfectly blend modern, engaging and fullscreen layouts with the flexibility of a drag-and-drop homepage. You get endless design combinations, parallax modules, custom backgrounds, slick animations and it’s all built to make your website stand out from the competitors. Considering how many startups there are, that can be a really big benefit.

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One aspect of web design that many startups fail to take into account, the scalability of whatever WordPress theme they have selective. it’s something that you should certainly not overlook, selecting the right WordPress theme can save you tons of effort and solve a lot of problems before they even happen.

This is a creative WordPress theme for startup companies that want a flat, modern design and plenty of flexibility. This is a multi-purpose steam with fun css3 animations, parallax scrolling, optional sticky menu, quick preview of portfolio items and a whole lot more. This is a fast, lightweight and smooth looking theme that’s going to make your startup look like you spent a million dollars on your website.

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Zelle Pro


No matter what industry you are in, starting up a new business can be a huge challenge. You have plenty of work that needs to be done to launch a new product or website, having the right WordPress theme can be a big benefit and a huge time-saver, allowing you to focus more on building your business.

If your startup company only needs a single page to make the right first impression, Zelle Pro is definitely one theme that you should consider. This theme is WooCommerce ready, it loads up fast and it looks great on all devices. This is an ultimately customizable theme and I think that considering how popular it is, it’s not too surprising that people really love it. one interesting thing, you get a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, so it doesn’t really cost you anything to give it a shot.

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Considering the incredibly high costs of creating a custom made, professional website, saving thousands and thousands of dollars by selecting a WordPress theme is a really strong investment. Start up companies need every dollar they can get to help promote their product or service. That is what this theme is all about.

Tapptastic is a responsive WordPress theme that is Bill for developers who want to promote iPad, iPhone or Android mobile apps. For start up companies that need that functionality, this is one of the better themes out there. Frankly, it’s one of the only themes out there.

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If you have a startup company that’s looking to disrupt the world of high-tech, you’re certainly going to need a great-looking WordPress theme to help you achieve your goals.

Materialism is a great looking material design WordPress theme that’s ideal for a startup companies who also want the power of WooCommerce. This theme includes several landing page styles, prominent call to action promotional blocks, subscription forms, contact forms and pricing tables. This is really all that you need to create an outstanding startup company website. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, this outstanding one page theme can handle it.

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There are all kinds of startup companies out there and each of them have a little bit different needs in terms of website features. Whether it’s an artificial intelligence startup, an augmented reality company or maybe even a crypto startup, you can see how each company has different needs that can be filled by different themes.

Struct is perfectly responsive, creative and modern, this theme is ideal for software startups, software service startup companies and mobile application promotion. This is a modern theme with a drag-and-drop homepage, infinite color schemes, custom widgets and it’s all SEO optimized for fast page load times. Struct is one of the best themes out there 4 getting word out about what you have to offer.

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If you’re starting up a new tech company, whether it’s an education site, a travel company startup, robotics or micro device companies, software or e-commerce, you’re going to need a really fantastic WordPress theme that works for anything you want to throw at it.  That’s what the developer had in mind when they created this awesome theme called Create.

Create is on this list because it is among the most powerful page builder base to themes out there. I love that it uses the open source page builder from Site Origin. Sight Origin based websites 10 to load up incredibly quickly. Building a look that is exactly like you want is well within your command thanks to that page builder. The result is going to be a fast loading, high-performance theme that delivers outstanding page load times and overall user experience.

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Business Theme


WordPress themes that can handle a wide range of functionality are worth their weight in gold. That’s because tech startups have so many different needs. You need to market your company, game funding from investors, so product or just get information out about what you have to offer. With so many different tasks that your website needs to accomplish, it can be difficult finding the perfect WordPress theme.

Business Theme is the name of this one, that’s what it’s all about. This is a clean and corporate what template that works great for all kinds of businesses. In particular, startups can really take advantage of the clean look and simple style of this template. If you’re looking for a very basic way to get a fast loading, strong performing website online, this should be one of the first things that you think of.

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Kickstart Pro


There are so many different startup companies out there, ensuring that you get your information to the right people is super important. part of the process is selecting an outstanding WordPress theme to help you reach the audience you want to reach.

This is Kickstart bro. If you’re launching a business startup, or if you just want your website to look like a business startup, this theme is packed with all the features that you’ll need. This is a high-energy theme that dedicates a lot of real estate on the front page to collecting leads. It’s all about that contact form. Building your email list should be a breeze, assuming you put in some interesting content and an attractive image. All of that also assumes that you have a product that is well worth promoting. I’m sure that you do.

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Building your website shouldn’t come as an afterthought, especially when you are trying to market a new startup company. With WordPress and the right theme, you will be able to engage with your potential customers or potential investors, build a mailing list, sell products and more. But it all starts with the right theme.

Enfold has been among the most popular WordPress themes available for years now. people absolutely love the enfold theme because it is so powerful and it has so many different pre-made demo styles. There are quite a number of them that are perfect for start-up companies, promoting new applications or software services. If you’re looking for a theme that you can really grow your business with, Enfold should be on your short list.

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If you want your new startup to be one that everybody is watching out for, one that’s really going to disrupt your industry, having the right WordPress theme can be a big advantage.

Zero is a gorgeous WordPress theme for startup companies. this is a multi-purpose theme, ideal for business, creative websites, blogs and portfolios as well. But considering all the features that you get for building business, I think that it works best as startup company site. This is one flexible thing that you can grow with as well, it’s not limited to just a single page and it really handles large amounts of contact quite well.

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For small companies with a small digital team, ones with a big vision, this theme is an ideal starting point. It has a real handcrafted feel but everything is incredibly professional. You can build any sort of website that you want with this theme, thanks to the live front-end page builder. It’s incredibly slim and trim, you won’t find a lot of bloat in this code.

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This is a creative start up and agency theme that is well suited for contemporary website. Creative digital agencies, web design startups, graphic design companies, marketing and advertising firms. You name it. If you’re looking for absolute creativity that is perfect for both corporate and personal sites, if you want a theme that helps you promote your brand new fledgling business, this one is a wonderful place to begin your journey.

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